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A Proxy Of Noise

by The Unit Breed

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Like a shell it carries the sea gentle foam washing to shore mysteries of the deep subtle hum breaking up a mesmerizing beauty incapacitating radar building seasons touch controlling silence blooming in a slow dance leading Feel the tempo in vertigo the elements reminiscing "Well I've never" mutters the feedback he's in the same booth as the goddess who bought my ticket faith's ignorance of noise is charming abounding growth so rudely interrupted there's no hiding from that snooty voice a million eyes would like to punch a hole right through you but that static riding high on its own purpose of being reflecting laser eyes with a critic's cynicism
What's that in the distance across the dark sea taking away these memories a quick focus on childhood again when these heavy eyes rest on painted wood what great construction Father you've done such a good job enclosing space it keeps the objects of personal history individual story with each drawer there lies a library inanimate shapes react in hand like video bad reception fix the tracking oh there she is with the bees ~ dazed in confinement a familiar buzz of honey, soothing the throat, or restricting? My grasp on allergies are minuscule so I creep in boldly scribbling dynamic intensions with ink I can feel the lumps around my eyes asking for clarification receiving the sweet open wounds of lust I feel my childhood boxed up again an adolescence put to an end I feel the end, I feel the beginning of having existed now I'm worn like an old hat heading for the other side please let me pass, or pass me on
Rebuilding by the memories a pace closer to repair white faces suck into the wall while the tide of ignorance copulating with the residence moves in Dial light the fire Crackle of white noise keeps the insides warm mute of emotion flashback frames the moment and the starting has begun again Loose cannon try a gun because it's never enough with the tongue Slowdown
Gone South 03:50
Do you remember the first step? talent gone south for the winter to be mocked no community value no willingness to undress the community still clinging to rags, still chasing catastrophes and that's why I'm going nowhere Walked out the other day another five years just the same found another theory recycled forgotten tragedies not one of the processed fashion skin taste in produce is thin no drag from the factories I've never owned a tie pacifistic memorabilia of our last sunrise everything given was taken now I'm taking it south look no clarity ship wrecked with no ingenuity no clarity? No! Ship wrecked with recycled memories twilight kicks me and dusk replays the stories
Learning the lines stiff limitations from onlooking puzzle men Where are the corners and borders dissect to emulate imitation is the first step to degenerating ideas this straight and narrow consists of two points no receding elements your understanding understates ideals tentative plans for progression excited boys and girls? your fan favorites are coming The course of watching time drives itself slow and what are we watching but self control
Pusher, thought giver, questioning belief Hallelujah, praise the mind, I'm at peace so happy, relaxed, bright faces in the air sore hand, disregard the tax, we're making beds tonight Twilight, moonlight Now i'm lying here helpless a chill that can cut you down to size rooftop and me showing off to the empty night sky Smog hiding the sparkling lights I've sat under mesmerized
Interim 00:40
Let's play and get played just another one other walking in the cracks of the fuss deepest memories come up every winter asking whose bed tonight with black rings and sunken in reflections from others gone by machine must've skipped a call I've been waiting all day long for answers still you bite me sharing selves with the past another night than tonight growing inside cupping hands to fill your problems gently without question playing and getting played fool or joker, amuse the royalty make light out of your depression conception ancient history put a hex on you through human hands we found fertility disclosed directions to that sacred box of life leading stimulation to water fighting upstream dampening sensation against the contraceptives
Sometimes I share the past with myself and sometimes I remember key moments of controlled time living with defined definitions set opinions something I've lost and don't carry strong statements anymore and I have nothing to die for I left the door ajar can't you see the ideas falling if I've ever been lost it's now growing to this point and now falling apart stubborn kid you left me I seem to be thrashing child angered at the little things childhood was just the other day and I'm laughing at everything again spooning with the empty
The time goes replaying time light up a room sometimes falling heavy gently And here comes the night the end of dawn light up a safe light in the rooms we use it helps to play God contrast illuminance corners carry meaning swallowing clarity Imagination sing song frozen under layers again shapes to free form Good night
Factories Make me something to fix this cooked line one point to the next and in between, infinity directions push me, along the path the crooked path Making statues out of mud to friends a friend found building enemies none from this side growing Looked down on myself again shell of the living immortal martyr reviewing opinions to die for sacrifice belief and in this hand I hold a weapon fierce as a gun twisting sounds to fit between the line I am the next incoherent responsibility the no one
Operating in stereo with a short to the right side off balance, perplexed through open doors I've swung before and this community's so full of regret it's bringing life down sleepless nights, I've slept for 18 hours back and forth through corner stores keeping this bladder in conversation I'm feeling the change ~ I'm feeling the give up Run down showing nowhere it's reflection so I've been beaten and your heroes running fire through hoops again off balance, perplexed, dropping sentences moving dialect "Let me see you smile, squint your eyes, now take a deep breath. Well good luck kid" Good-bye for now until next time
Don't they know it's the end of the world?
Hello It looks like you beat me to the other side the younger the more tragic and all the rest in varying proportions I hope you've found something in the afterlife wouldn't it be nice to have all the answers tonight I've been so close to visiting you I guess you're going to get a head start on learning everything Remembering the ups and downs of conversation wrapped up in living fury And I'm not so sure if death frightens me I try and keep my distance These funerals of the enlightened always make my skin crawl I hope you don't mind my absence So in this presence of mortality I sing to all my dying friends "Can't wait to visit you in the future"


This Album was originally released as a 9"x9" hardbound Art book with CD of 500 copies made. The book contains 14 prints of Joseph Demaree's Surreal paintings from 1999. The physical album has an adult, children's book quality with artwork and song lyrics / poetry, intermingled to illustrate a visual expression of the albums sound.


released December 25, 1999

Joseph Demaree - Vocals, Guitar, Drums, Songwriting, Recording, Artwork
Jenn Wheeler - Bass, Clarinet, Vocals,
Rick Silvestri - Guitar on tracks 3,7,8,13,14
Alan Kasameyer - Keyboards on 3,7

Recorded at Nothing Enterprises
Mastered at Bridget Sound

Nothing Enterprises


all rights reserved



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