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Always Distance The Lonely

by The Unit Breed

It is a machine thats the way it works It is a machine let us talk about it we can disagree until we speak the same things It is a machine have I cleared anything up? I don't think I can help you Can't you see this is a machine it takes a little time and patience don't you see I operate this machine there are many useful functions many of which I am still learning some parts tend to make a fuss some parts move just enough to give me what I want it takes in numbers and the user gives it meaning first you have to make sure to turn it on there are certain things that come easy I'm still learning all the the ways it works Can't you see I operate this machine there are many useful functions many of which I am still learning some parts tend to make a fuss some parts move just enough to give me what I want give me what I want because I want, and I want, meaning
Believe 05:07
Mr. where red sinks deep I see you following I did nothing but believe I believe our story where fallen angels weep is that you watching Mr. where ugly thoughts keep why must you stare with such hunger I did nothing but believe I believe your story Is that you in me lost again in our story I dream you speak I sleep we sleep sleep this is our story is this me who are you following I did nothing but believe I did nothing but believe I did nothing but believe
The Sport of Hunting Under covers, come and lead us deep in a dream it's much easier to ignore all the ugly please don't keep us waiting just take us into dreams above buildings, where stars burn then and then, we're all parts of the same I hear you sobbing, and he counts numbers ------- Oh rivers wash away moments of time eating her beaches drilling holes in windows microwave foods in vacuums filling one another with someone other than ourselves Let me remember my dream where you lead me to sleep it's so much easier to relax and breath in the dark we can see and I can hear everything -------- elephant trunks high above clouds tigers weep blackened in birds feathers take a breath, relax now breath fill one another with someone other than ourselves it's always I the one who's running to fill another with others like oneself Isn't it I the one who's always running fill one another with someone other than ourselves it's the I who's always running to fill another with others like ourself Isn't it I whom I'm always running from
Sand 03:54
Under Palms 02:10
Bright bright scar, the beauty you ware. pressing hands threw splinters in skin. You're imperfections are perfect. Was it in youth when they mistreated you? Semen tastes just as ugly and we want more, please lend me more. Remember the caged dead dogs in the creek, sister you ran away, their coat pushed past the wire entangled lovers. Wide gaping holes, dialated broken skin, a drowning forest curved the lines around teeth. Here lay the beauty in everything. She told me of the junkie draining money from her flower to keep warm. I talked of friendship and love and excrement. Loving daughters and sons, well we are all one, so take my hand and please remember how to smile. A perfect imperfection imagination. Nature hikes, these trees have seen all things when we can't hear a sound. peace and quiet here on my side. Are you a good man or did you do this for the money. All I know is we fill our stomachs every day. This old woman said something to my mother, I know she watches over, it's ice cold, I lay next to her working to dream. I had no right choking that thing. Under palms we lay awake those dead dogs speak "Master streaks in time fight where we are bread only to listen, perfecting actions."
You We And I 04:08
This is where we get lost in the I, the eye of ourselves. You we and is it due to such a sunny day? Flowers and beaches rest a smile on the face selfish. This is all about you. Lost in empty rooms. Is it due to such a dreary day? We you and I the soils rain. Hello to you a new day, I am everything. We you and I are slipping fast into the now!
That's The Way It Goes Dada dada and that's the way it goes. Swans songs in damaged lungs, swim with old friends. I'm counting to trade for all the new ones. Slow reader listen, wait, why don't we please hold one. I'd like to find out about lady luck. I noticed your little girls are doves. It's no big thing we all have to grow up. Monkeys and barrels I hear she screams, the insects sing "I'm Lonely" and that's the way it goes. Dada dada dada.
Bird 03:41
Bird IS the wORd
Is The Word 02:46
Has any body heard about the bird?


The Unit Breed was an artistic musical experiment in song writing, sound textures, composition, and rhythm lead by artist Joseph Demaree: a half deaf, surreal, stubborn, dreamer. With a cast of rotating characters and several miles under the influence; The Unit Breed could be found playing their music in dark hallways, basements, rock clubs, house parties, storm drains, mini malls, bars, art galleries, parks, or taking a day off for mini golf or to ride roller coasters.

Always Distance The Lonely is a psychedelic boat ride with a leak. Absinthe fueled extensive landscapes completely underwater and we're going down with the ship.


released February 12, 2009

Joseph Demaree - Guitars / Vocals
David Wolf - Drums
Casey Costello - Bass

Recorded at the Waiting Room by Marcelo Spina and Joseph Demaree. Mixing and additional recording by Joseph Demaree at Ennis Hirsch's house with her help. Mastered by Rob at Haywire. Vocals on "Sand" by Stephanie Lemieux.


all rights reserved



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Playing 8/12/2023 at The Caravan - Palace of Fine Arts, Cherrystone, Egone / 10-1 / 98 Almaden Ave. San Jose CA. 21+ / FREE!

Playing 8/19/2023 at Chuck's Sweet 16 BBQ & Live Music / 12pm / with: F.U.X. Lunacies, Critical Response, Schlep, Threat To Self, Dead River Rebels, Joseph Demaree and the Palace of Fie Arts. BYOB / 36 Waugh Rd, Watsonville CA.
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