Follow Me

by Lemming



All songs by Lemming 1994
Originally Released on Nothing
Recorded at I’m Stein's in San Jose CA
Artwork by Joseph Demaree
Everything I despise could be the truth

Careless, Lifeless, Useless, Importance & PC released as a split 7" with Apeface on Stinky Feet / Nothing, 1994.


released April 4, 2019

Thanayi Jackson - Bass, Vocals
Allen Teboul - Drums, Vocals
Joseph Demaree - Guitar, Vocals

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Track Name: Contradict Self
Contradict Self
We live life threw the system
Now you believe you have your own pride
Contradiction is required
Without denial there would be no pride
How can you base your life on an opinion
Everything I despise could be the truth
I know now that I don't
All I learned came from you
No I don't believe - I believe
Are you to scared to see no truths
All your love came from hate
We talk about a change
To free our minds
Rebel against the social standard
Form a new structure
Form a new standard
Now our opinions will be yours
No I don’t believe - I believe
Rebel, tear down, recreate, recruit
establish law, conform
There is no disbelief
My opinions came from you
There is no feeling
My anguish grew
I only feel anger
because of my love
I wish to destroy the structure
so I can help rebuild
the contradictions in myself
Track Name: Blind Yourself
Blind Yourself
Blind yourself to me, you might not like what you see
Bling yourself to you, you won’t like what you do
Blinded by it all, if you won’t rise you will fall
Reveal yourself to me, I might like what I see
Reveal yourself to you, you might like what you do
Reveal you to it all, if you will rise you won’t fall
Follow Me
Blind yourself to society, you wont like it’s reality
Blind yourself to reality, you won’t like it’s insanity
Blind yourself to insanity, you won’t like it’s reality
Reveal yourself to society, you might like it’s reality
Reveal yourself to reality, you might like it’s insanity
Reveal yourself to insanity, you might like it’s reality
Track Name: Keep Your Tongue Full
Keep Your Tongue Full
This thing I felt, this thing I became part of
I was so attached, I was the skin and scale
Slowly ripped from your spine, your bleeding mind
Look in closely now, closer to find me
I lie hidden far inside me
can you notice all I can give
you’re too full I see the cracks
the skies are full now, the air is thick now
the ground is hard now, the living is over now
the idea has passed now, the moment has gone now
the feeling has returned now, the nothing has become now
Track Name: PG&E
Power greed and energy
power lines o’ power lines, power lines you make me blind
tower above - the warning signs
stretch your fingers out to me, wrap your finger to me
T.V., free, expediency
I once made my fires to guide me
Power greed and energy tell me what you mean
what are you to me, go ahead and finger me
I love my amp.
Track Name: Then What
Then What
Once I have it I have it, Then what
lost in a reason for life
waiting for the day it all makes sense
waiting for the reason I exist
destroying a structure to rebuild
creating a knowledge to destroy
what can I do now that I can’t
why should I know now when I couldn’t
what did I realize - NOTHING
how can I believe in my own opinions
please help me - I don’t need help
Track Name: Contaminate The Creature
Contaminate The Creature
Man You call it, the knowledgeable creature
Thought, progress, destruction, It’s destruction
watch in front of you, can you see the pavement
can you avoid the cracks given to all
watch the beings incased in flesh
They follow walking straight towards the fall
time rules all life, don’t expect hope
must establish an existence, security’s just a crutch
you can’t avoid time, follow the others
before you know the beginning you’re at the end
you can’t avoid this, you can’t destroy this
you’re already programmed, just follow the demand
change the moment, change the feeling
change the decision, change the story
still locked in, still waiting, there’s no key, no escape
just realize you’re dead

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