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How Lovely Nowhere Is

by Nothing Records

I'm the chains that I resisted the moment will last forever and always has the hero's dead and you were the hero and you were the chains such tragedy and grief that has been exposed we've learned so much victory is the cornerstone victory is the pulse what do you want? what do you want? my rhythm is so thrown off the pressure controls our timing "The triumph of anything is through organization, if there are angels I hope they are organized through the same lines as the mafia." -Winston Niles Rumford- The triumph, the glory, the honor, the triumph rest like bricks on your chest
I cower at the open hand I fear I am a lesser man the consequence of my esteem burns through my arm the guilt is felt I don't need your help I can make decisions by myself alone again you're not my friend I feel no guilt stay strong my friend don't be weakened by the pain stay strong my friend these times will change though I admit I don't know when today you'll face the great unknown don't be scared but don't do it alone.
A knock on the door and we step inside race down the hall in an attempt to hide take a seat and will be right with you hurry up your going to make me late why must you be so irate lab rats trapped in your own cage am i getting to nullify plans for your mental health your the one who afflicts your self get that fucking dog away used to know her before she died we're going over to the other side with you sex with your T.V. set again am I getting through true crime in four dimensions blasting straight through to the 22nd century bored into submission.
To judge another person by their color of skin you gotta be a stupid mother fucker and someday you'll know that the fighting and hating you're not king of the hill if anything's gonna kill us the system will gotta stand and fight together we know it sounds so typical of what we're saying but nothing's being done about the problem everyday we're facing influenced daily on the T.V. and the social structure and I know that black people aren't the only ones who drink malt liquor.
I took to much time to forget my feelings and to many hours trying to forget the last couple of years and once I finely expel you from my thoughts finding something else to hold onto I see you and it hurts all this talk about what once had could of been and how things could be great again but I forced you away for awhile believing I didn't want the pain again then all of a sudden things seemed to change and what once had happened was rejected slowly finding feeling turn into pain and slowly realizing I should of stayed away you still believe that you care but I see things you cannot see and they look different what you've done and what you lack will always leave you playing your game if your friends and family didn't exist would you know where to go or what to do sometimes the plug carries and extra prong and because of this can't fit the outlet.
I don't have the time to listen to you whine about your stupid problems cause none of them are mine you want me to listen but your life's a bore soap operas are for bitches and that's what your life's become you stupid fucked up whore that's what doors are for open it and get out now you make your life a chore get off your ass stop your god damn crying big fucking deal if your friends and family have been lying just go ahead and fuck em all up fuck it all up go crazy go insane it's what you deserve your already psychotic it shows in your eyes it makes me want to slam u when you try to pull me aside you better go run and hide your cracked in your skull your digging your own hole get off your trip and fucking stand up or get rolled over for the rest of your life how come your so incompetent always on a bad trip why do you have to tell me all about it your psychotic your neurotic your pathetic your a whiner get the fuck away from me your a victim can't you see I hope you never marry I hope you never breed you were spawned from a losers seed sympathy is what you seek but you'll get none you're a god damn freak.
I can't let it slide I've got too much anger for that You turned when I cried I'll never forgive you for that I believed you when you lied I cannot accept you for that It feels like a cancer inside guilt should plague you for that and I wish I were god so I could strike you down I smashed in my T.V. set I couldn't fix what you've done I know you feel no regret your soul should burn for what you've done I'm in no position to make a threat It wouldn't help what you've done but I'll never let you forget I'll haunt you forever for what you've done and I wish I were god so I could strike you down It will never be the same All because of you It doesn't help to lay the blame but it all springs from you you'll never now what I lost I should expect that from you my life was the cost and it died for you.
The pain inside of me will never die my life gets so much worse every second that goes by said I need a grip on reality reality is confusing to me I'm leaving and not coming back my will is faded and all I see is black the way you looked at me was the way I looked at you now we don't see eye to eye and there is nothing left to do but suffer tried to get a grip on reality reality is fucked up to me I'm gone and not coming back my will is faded and all I see is black fuck you and your grip on reality your all trapped in here with me I'm glad I'm not coming back fake friends they stab me in the back.
A kid takes a stand under orders to sit the thugs got guns but they're out of bullets it seems they don't like your opinion what the hell could they be thinking? promptly Plan B is carried out cover up those tracks so nobody finds out pistol whip what do we do if he sings? if you know what's good for you you won't tell anyone if anybody asks you didn't see a thing as far as you're concerned it never happened up oh, oh no! looks like that kid sang cockadoodle do on you! San Jose's own hardcore NRA!!
I am so fucking worthless Life has no value anymore she says I'm totally useless you'll be happy when I'm gone I failed again I don't do anything I don't know anything I'm not worth anything I am not anything al all I'm such an inconvenience she won't think so anymore I'll do it in the backyard It'll be better when I'm gone I failed again
He says he wants me but he treats me like dirt double standards living inside always leaves him left behind single heart left behind maybe you shouldn't have been so blind cupid's arrows think they're real but everyone knows I'm a steal hit me in the head not in the heart.
We reach up because there's so much to be captured we make an interruption just to add to the confusion we undefined we disguise ourselves as static and we're alive we just want to feel alive
Help I’m falling, help I’m falling down won’t you please help me, help me on my feet won’t you please help me now ‘cause I’m falling down
Loyalty only in poverty love your friends only when you need them Give them power to see but don’t lose power to deceive them hide in your cave sit on your fat ass hook us all feed us your lies we all want your lies kill us inside now I laugh at your pathetic life how many others will you destroy with your evil life’s ploy how long can your luck last I still trust that friend from the past as a friend to you I only ask don’t forget where you came from who took you in from the cold don’t let greed control your conscience how can I ever justify or even try to uncover the lies what do you want from me? There’s just no way for me to see your words are soaked with deceit I gave all I could Maybe to much was I a pawn? For so fucking long you seemed to are was there anything there at all? Twist the friendship Twisted friendship
Many can recall the days when great wars and battles were raged these are all eliminated now, cobras and scorpions are bothersome my soul will go to hell, raping the earth to serve me well when this power mad dictator claimed he was god all the billions of natural, normal people could go on rule over the earth, like a giant space station Dear Lord Jesus can you save me from your followers? I am now the son of god, I will never be your lord I won't die for your sins, you could be wrong again I possessed eternal life, once I fucked you Jesus Christ within me your soul survives, I carry your soul life I wont bless your slavery, abolish your pornography your mind wont be made through me, your body's death guaranteed I am now the devil's son, wait for you one by one your blind mind dies for my sin, your choice is mine/ Dear Lord Jesus you can't saye me from me This incredible look into the future, is not merely science fiction but the truth of God, the truth of your own God
Relocate your stare because your being subdued and it makes me sick but what can i do due to mental breakdown we'll replace whats in your head why go out and play when you can stay home instead Turn it off A thousand images flash and they come on strong and i've had enough but does it make me wrong to hate machines that destroy whats in your head why go out and play when you can stay home instead Turn it off
It's been day's or years everything's the same the barricades are closer revealing the cage there's a desire to understand there's no way to comprehend I need to know everything I need to know to be content You are content You have no desires There's no way to be content You will always want more Knowledge only brings confusion confusion only brings thought thought only brings knowledge knowledge can never stop Humanity is repulsive Answers will never stop you’re always pleased to be content!!
Well iIm sitting here and the T.V. screen and voices around are giving me such a fucking headache, and every time I look around I realize i've got better thing's to do but i'm going nowhere because i'm just lazy. This girl I met the other day heard i was a sucker for intercourse or prostitution or some form of masturbation, and i was told that my destination was plotted by friends who stabbed me in the back looking for competition, and i don't want to be around you. All I see are complications and contradictions. You know how i feel and you’re going to treat this like a surprise.
Sometimes I wonder if I’m gonna die life doesn't matter and I start to fucking lie lying in bed i got an idea going out and shoot someone with my fucking fear Sometimes i see violence come sometimes you shoot someone sometimes just don't give a fuck sometimes you fucking suck sometimes I shave my head sometimes you're better off dead sometimes you wonder if you're gonna die sometimes you scream pain or lies Sometimes i see my life is shit living in a world that i'm sick of it no one gives a fuck if you fucking lie sometimes just leave your life sometimes you scream your pride
Burl - Spear 01:30
Here comes the spoon to protect you and me he's not a fork, spoon plain to see he will protect you from all that is bad he will protect you in this fucking land Fear the spoon Visions of sugar plums.. I am the spoon! and the fork ran away with the spoon!
Rotting on the inside, allowing the pain to please Ive gone so far to end up in the same place run for shelter, the outside is cold, the inside is dark Hide away - the surface is pale Aging on the outside, allowing the pain to increase I’ve gone nowhere to end up so far away hide in shelter, the inside is cold, the outside so dark Hide away - the surface is pale Hold on to you're vine, its what keeps you from hitting the ground the inside is so infected, see the outside wither there's no need for nourishment, there's no open holes to feed I’ve dried up, i'm dying I’m dead, but i live Falling is what you make of it I’ve started my decent, the end will be there wait for the ground and rot.


This is a compilation of bands, mostly from San Jose, CA. originally released in 1995 by my label Nothing Records.

If you know any of the people who contributed to this compilation please let them know that it is available again and free to download.

Thanks to: Troy for preserving these recordings. Pat and James for sending emails with the old insert so I could type in all the liner notes (From June 2020).

(From 1995) Thanks to: All the bands who let me put them on this comp. Vix for mixing everything. James, Rich and Tony for waiting so long in the studio. Joe C. for letting me use his computer. The guy at Photo Drive Up who helped put the cover together. Dayten for the fabulous picture he took of all the people who showed up that are on this comp. Thanks for showing up! Your Mother for the 
great photo from their Hair Metal daze. Shifter for not knowing what they were getting into. Hi Kevin:) That’s it.


released May 30, 1995


all rights reserved



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