The Wizard and The Mirror Live at Hamsterdam Cafe

by The Wizard and The Mirror



Guided Meditations by The Wizard and The Mirror.
Magic is realized. We are here. The experience is happening.
The Wizard and The Mirror reflect back to you.

Within the reflection: Hamsterdam Cafe hosted a one night event with guided meditations by The Wizard and music by The Mirror. The Wizard conjured a free form, group dynamic that The Mirror played off of. This live recording is a capture of The Wizard and The Mirror's first and only to date, guided meditations, arranged without any practice or pre conceived conceptions.

Experience the magic of The Wizard:

The past arrangements of The Mirror:


released June 3, 2017

The Wizard:
Devin Person

The Mirror:
Joseph Demaree (Guitar,Effects,Recordings)
Miranda Shapiro (Violin)

Recorded Live at Hamsterdam Cafe in PDX 6/1/2017



all rights reserved


Joseph Demaree Portland, Oregon

Current Shows:

Aug 19 2017, Bellingham WA.
The Great Smoking Mirror, Sean McKee. Live in Sean's living room:)! 8pm / Donations Accepted.
2415 Cherry St.

Joseph Demaree is currently working on a new album in Portland OR with The Great Smoking Mirror. They are also playing out live!
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Track Name: The Wizard and The Mirror Live at Hamsterdam Cafe 6/1/17
The Wizard and The Mirror - This is our first cannabis guided meditation event with live mellow space music to accompany it!

The Guide (The Weed Wizard):
Devin Person has been a faithful practitioner of magic for more than ten years. He approaches wizardry in a mindful way, focusing on the patterns he sees in his life and where they eventually lead him. People perceive their realities subjectively, according to Person’s philosophy, and one can create the path to their best reality imaginable. That, in a nutshell, is Person’s wizardry. He spreads that knowledge through his wizard consulting company, Person is Awake, LLC.

In his new book, Mysteries of the Deep, Devin offers an introduction to the layman on how to navigate their lives using the “imaginative powers of magic.” In nautical metaphors, the book explains how people use what Person describes as the Subjective Submarine (body) through the Objective Ocean (reality). Devin's approach to wizardry is rooted in its accessibility, tinged with some levity—and weed jokes here and there.

The Music of Joseph Demaree:
Free as a bird on a wire... This artist continues to play with sound, songwriting and storytelling. At the age of 14, Joseph began singing in a punk band, forever since, he has been hooked. He has toured on and released many different albums under many different names with many different sounds. He has been the front man, the new guy, and the drummer. He has recorded many of his own albums as well as other bands projects. He's always been interested in the art of music making. Today Demaree plays with a relaxed tone, sometimes solo, preferably with a band (currently The Great Smoking Mirror). Tomorrow, who knows where the sounds will move him :)