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Virgin Of The Clouds: Domesticate Man, Domesticate It


Nomad 02:25
Come into my shallow depth wash your mind of everything for every answer IT has a new question my caliber of truth came from the trees Rise, and the gate opens Key your mind and so on IT rang glide on wind, that pushes the shadows and "You speak in tongues, had me in your head this is no question, no list of rules you walk on my path, or fear my road" SPOILED I will rise from that watery grave fall through arms of saviors not swallowed the core of salvation has been mistaken for prophet, profit rise and tell the audience what has been won "LIGHT" Redeem the shadows - Human city of angels - Demon sea of mermen - Titan your chariot awaits - Centurian the dawn of man dawned man
Regrow Again 03:39
It's so silent, I hear everything screaming no on around but there's so many people I'm seeing so dark your so alone, you want my pity the grounds in ice, and there's the chair the fields are alive, they're not like the skin your dying breed pleasure, to regrow again It's so silent, I hear everything screaming no one around but there's so many people I'm seeing so dark
Oven Throat 03:17
I see myself in front of me burning with the trees something wet won't let me die I'm not strong enough to leave it all behind please leave me to play I see you in the trees your skin is growing branches we all know you can't communicate the wire around your lips has rusted you just ponder questions words are tied up in your tongue if the ground could carry us further could you stay on and take root could you manage the task or would the supports collapse? The supports would collapse. Is it the price we pay for freedom or the desire to have you own limbs they're easily taken away I've seen it, I'm the trees I've seen it, and myself burn it and myself burn, burn myself and I
The tree looked down at me no words needed to be said the horrible look upon its face left me sobbing in an uncontrollable mess IT's alive IT's roots go far deeper than you or I IT's controlled the highest class IT gave me dreams of other times burn with me friend ITIs Alive Feed upon me, may I cradle your egg I have a place to nest my soil your breeding ground listen to me friend I will inherit the earth roach duster, cockroach tree spawn, root, rise above ground My idea the Sun once said My child, my shadow
Brass Hookah 00:59
IT's so beautiful the destruction of the masses and life is only taught and your taught to live there's no blood only oil in the motor watch with me the way everything stops it happens everyday and everyday resembles each other you say I'm stuck but I see you stuck looking through me
Hide Away 03:18
Rotting on the inside allowing the pain to please I've gone nowhere to end up so far away hide in shelter, the insides so cold the outsides what's dark Hide Away - the surface is pale hold on to your vine IT's what keeps you from hitting the ground the inside is so infected I see the outside wither there's no need for nourishment there's no open holes to feed I've dried up I'm dying, I'm dead, I live falling's what you make of it ya, I've started my descent the end will be there just wait for the ground and watch
Spread me disease the growing must go on life is reproduction control your surroundings Filter the meat now after another victory my mass grows larger defenses grow stronger but I'm somehow destroyed Filter the meat I embody everything, to infest and claim the surroundings, slowly moving on and claim your life, I am God I'LL CLAIM YOUR LIFE
When IT's all done you'll find out you're the one you'll slowly replace where you've been and it's nowhere important no there's no ending buy your still following me then I'll walk away, you'll notice I DON'T CARE
Ten Pin 02:43
Magic feet, my ball, approach the pass and watch them fall, watch the pins fall Ten Pin, STRIKE!!
I'm the chains that I resisted the moment will last forever and always has The heroes dead, and you were the hero and you are the chains such tragedy and grief that has been exposed We've learned so much victory is the cornerstone victory is the pulse. What do you want, My rhythm is so thrown off it's the pressure that controls our timing. "the triumph of anything is through organization, if there were Angels I hope they are organized through the same lines as the mafia." - Winston Niles Rumford -
Crippled Box 02:40
Caught in-between, the handle won't move never will open the door never will conform don't question my beliefs can't stand to understand what I see and hear won't move I keep looking but you're always there go on, why don't you hide from me go hide, hide from me you preach opinions to walls all these truths seem so insane and my head is full of cement keep looking, you can't get in go on, hide, go on, hide from me I don't want to see I close my eyes and your still there where's the growth? the door has no key where's the key? the key has no door
The window lit up and the crow stayed hidden the soul of yesterdays desperation sinks in bed today you black beast frightening others away, Away, I've stayed put share my static, play in my womb, temple the output, attached to a stick Fairy-God-Goddess, the belt burns through, insects covering me, can't scratch the itch or uncover IT locked in comatose, I suppose I've talked with the Gods Restrained to a chair, the visions I've had are far beyond words cut from the pelvis up, the sensation chained me to the birds light was so bright. I could of seen I COULD OF SEEN IT the window lit up and the men stayed hidden caught in clarity relying on another vision you mechanical beast, take me away


In the beginning IT created the above and the below; 2 the all was nothing: nothing covered what was there, It and they were, CREATION OF NOTHING - 3 IT said"Control your controller, "and all were controlled and controlling. IT saw that they needed more. 4 IT gave man to they and they gave control. 5 Calling control a prophet, a son of a virgin of grey calling her son. 6 Then It said "You, They, control, follow the following." And so it was. 7They called man and man followed. 8 IT called they and they followed. A SPECIES MADE HUMAN. 9 IT said "Virgin of the clouds, mother of the ski give up your bastard to serve the server." And so this was done, and the creation of man made wiser by a king of the metal towers past the clouds. 10 IT said "show man NOTHING, but tame man." 11 "domesticate the man as I have domesticated you." 12 Enjoy freedom as I have shown IT." 13"Domesticate as I Have domesticated you." And so all was as NOTHING was domesticated.


released April 20, 1996

Probe Records / Nothing

Recorded April 1996 at Stanford University engineered and mastered by VIXX. All songs written by RINGWURM c 1996 except Mexican Radio by Wall of Voodoo. RINGWURM is Ben - Guitar / Jason - Drums / Fern - Bass / Joe - Vocals / Mikey - Guitar. Art work and layout by Nothing with plenty of help from Todd, Srini, and Jason Baker. Band photo by a nice lady in New Mexico somewhere. Shotgun and musket by no one. Winston Niles Rumford Quote from "Sirens of Titan" by Kurt Vonnegut.
Thanks to: James La Vigna and the the rest of Betty's Love Child for being there every time we needed a place to practice, Your Mother, Aaron Probe, Derek, Paul from Beach, Ballinger TX., Chuck and the Gorevetts, Chris and Sunny from N.M., The guys we met in Logical Nonsense, Lokis in TX., Pirate Cat Records, Schlong, Joe Clark, Kevin Haight, The Jackobends, Apeface, Jenny Picalo, Shelly, D.R.I., Everyone who put us up and helped with shows. Planet Caravan, The Aborted, All our parents, Kilgor Trout, All the U.F.O fanatics (You shall be saved), May the force be with you, Eat your oval teen, It's 6:00 in the morning - christ - I think that's it, sorry if i missed anyone.


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Joseph Demaree San Jose, California

Working towards a positive perspective.

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