Loaded - Answer

from How Lovely Nowhere Is by Nothing Records



I don't have the time to listen to you whine about your stupid problems cause none of them are mine
you want me to listen but your life's a bore
soap operas are for bitches and that's what your life's become you stupid fucked up whore
that's what doors are for
open it and get out now
you make your life a chore
get off your ass
stop your god damn crying
big fucking deal if your friends and family have been lying
just go ahead and fuck em all up
fuck it all up
go crazy
go insane
it's what you deserve
your already psychotic
it shows in your eyes
it makes me want to slam u when you try to pull me aside
you better go run and hide
your cracked in your skull
your digging your own hole
get off your trip and fucking stand up or get rolled over for the rest of your life
how come your so incompetent
always on a bad trip
why do you have to tell me all about it
your psychotic
your neurotic
your pathetic
your a whiner
get the fuck away from me
your a victim can't you see
I hope you never marry
I hope you never breed
you were spawned from a losers seed
sympathy is what you seek
but you'll get none you're a god damn freak.


from How Lovely Nowhere Is, released May 30, 1995

Guitar, Background Vocals - Scott
Bass, Background Vocals - Weber
Screamer, Yeller, Singer - Simon
Drums, Background Screamer - Kenhead

Recorded by Bart Thurber 1995
Thanks to Chris M.


all rights reserved



Joseph Demaree Faro District, Portugal

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