Holiday Song

from Party Time INC. by Captain Nowhere



Enjoy the Holiday!


Holiday Song

It's a holiday
What does that mean?
No work but pay for those of you who sleep with the man
Holiday, family and friends
processed meats and canned beats enough to do it all over again
April Fools I love you, and your corncob pope can melt away
If you ware green the bunny laid eggs for you
So send your greettings to the heartland
American holiday fever momma and papa are home cooking us up a welcomed feast.
Cooking us up a reason to remember all our family and friends
You can catch cousin Lucy sitting under the mistletoe
And crotchet you filthy old man
Aunty is all sauced up and found the key to the car
Sister Mary has her skirt up and father has just inked his pen
You might not get what you want
You might get nothing at all
But if you pay just a bit of attention
If you got anyone around you
don't you know you've got it all
So thank you Jesus for the holy man who danced with our politicians
Raped our people and it's land
Burned down the temple in the leaders and paved this nation over them
You have grown and flourished and given me this day
This day that comes and goes and continues to remind us
That if you are near anyone you've got someone


from Party Time INC., released June 24, 2011
A room can move a holiday.
Thanks to Todd Flanagan and Andy Barnes.

This is a fictitious story. All persons or places experiencing similar similarities is purely coincidental. Enjoy the story and continue to help re-write it.


all rights reserved



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